Workouts for Women – Lower Ab Exercises – Christina Carlyle

Lots and lots of ladies wanted a workout for their lower abs. Some asked for exercises specifically for their lower abs because crunches aren’t cutting it. Some straight up wanted to know ‘How can I lose my pooch?’ And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you today. Do you have a pooch of fat on your belly that you’d like to lose? Then you’re going to love today’s episode of CCtv. In it, I share today’s lower ab workout and explain how to lose your pooch. Learn more on the blog (and pin this workout so you’ll have it forever) here:::

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Your Coach and Biggest Cheerleader
xxoo Christina : )

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22 Responses

  1. soumya modi says:

    2:08-flutter kicks
    2:31-leg lifts
    3:28-Reverse crunches
    4:20-Heels to heaven
    5:43-Open and close leg lifts(bring closer to ground)

    10*3 sets in row

  2. ladymom says:

    Is this ok if belly pooch due to pregnancy?? please reply

  3. syeda saniya says:

    Ambience 😍 the place is beautiful could u please temme the name of this beautiful place and area?

  4. I've just used Unflexal workouts and learn about it with pleasure 😉

  5. I am sure you can learn more on Unflexal workouts. Best workouts ebooks on net.

  6. Seher says:

    The actual workout starts at 2:10 👍

  7. great workouts 🙂 lower abs exercises are definitely the way to go as lower abs exercises workout both the upper and lower abs

  8. Shiza Rehman says:

    i'm a Kim … what does that mean?

  9. thisisbs808 says:

    looking forward to trying this out! a shoulder injury is keeping me from doing excercises involving arms. love that this is all with the legs (and abs of course)!

  10. Why doesn't she have more subscribers 😦 her videos are so great and when I feel like quitting I just hear her say "I'm your biggest cheerleader" in my head😃

  11. vprox147 says:

    i recently lost 50 pounds and i have extra skin especially where my pooch is but there's also still fat since im still not where i want to be. my question is, with diet and cardio as well as doing ab workouts , is it possible to reduce the size of my pooch significantly since i am still dieting and exercising? any opinions are welcomed lol

  12. Latoof says:

    I tried them all they dont hurt at all

  13. Ive been doing a lot of your at home workouts and Ill even take them to the gym! I love them all! You're amazing for doing these videos and I get so excited whenever you post a new one! Love you!!!!! ☺️

  14. your workouts are great Christina, you keep me in shape, Thanks☺

  15. Annette Soto says:

    gonna do this today thanks!

  16. your welcome 😘😘😚

  17. yul b says:

    i was just looking for this thxxx

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