Full Body Home Workout For Beginner or Out-of-Shape – No Equipment – Easy to Do

Full Body Home Workout For Beginner or Out-of-Shape – No Equipment – Easy to Do
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/physicaltherapyvideo
Website: https://bobandbrad.com/

Bob & Brad demonstrate a full body beginner home workout. This routine is easy to do, no equipment needed and it’s meant for people new to working out or trying to get in shape again. Watch the video and try it for yourself.

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43 Responses

  1. Cat Ames says:

    I'm so glad these are actually beginner :'O I've let my body become a weak noodle and it requires al dente noodle exercises if it's gonna be buff again lol

  2. Choiceyyy says:

    I know someone morbidly orbese and this worked for them and I'm around average for someone who doesn't work out and it worked for me so yes this is great for anyone looking to get into exercise

  3. Sheila Bon says:

    Thanks Uncle Bob and Brad!!! You helped me exercise during my quarantine and I will continue to do these exercises!!!

  4. Farwolaeth says:

    This was really good video to find. I am beginner at exercising and having leg problems. Videos what i have seen are so hard type of exercises to do but this was something, where i could start!

  5. Thank you after doing these exercises I felt very good

  6. pauljerome01 says:

    Thanks it was very comfortable. I'll try keep it a routine since it helped my back a bit

  7. be ata says:

    finally something for me, love You Guys!

  8. H.R.H le be says:

    I was feeling really low and down until I found your channel. Its cheered me up listening to you both. Thank you 😊

  9. Amin_hd says:

    Join my six pack challenge 💪😉

  10. May ElDiB says:

    That’s great for me ,as I don’t like excercise

  11. Rilee James says:

    Thank you! I’m 23 and have been over weight most of my life. I had tried “beginner” exercises before and they were actually pretty difficult. I’m glad these are simple exercises I can do before getting into the harder stuff.

  12. Dee D says:

    Hey thanks for this video, I have become very sedentary and am very much out of shape. This workout was perfect for me to get me moving again. New subbie here! 😊

  13. Zach Zadjali says:

    I’m 16 and i’m out of shape I’m gonna start doing this Exercise from today and will keep updating

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  15. Quick question! This may sound dumb, but I'm curious if I do this everyday or every other day? I'm young so I was thinking of doing this routine twice a day….is that okay or too much?

  16. Tsu says:

    man this was perfect thank you

  17. I GOT SIX PACK IN ONE MONTH!!! I took diet plan from Agoge Diet. With their diet plan and tips, transformation is guaranteed, trust me. They also provide you with training plan and healthy recipes.

  18. Richard M says:

    uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez….Thank you for those exercises!

  19. oddduckie says:

    may be young but I’m terribly out of shape so thanks! (started 140 pounds now 120!)

  20. this is truly for beginners.. i've tried other videos which say it is for beginners, but i end up really sore and very tired..

  21. wow super easy but it still made me sore so i know its working

  22. I was skeptic about Agoge Diet because I thought that I would have to eat only broccoli to lose weight. I am eating only food I like and still losing weight.

  23. Craevir says:

    Very helpful gentlemen! I am putting together a work-out structure for a friend of mine and I can pull a lot from here!

  24. Todoroki says:

    R U calling me lazy?I took 7 breaks

  25. Thank you so much. This really gives me confidence to start somewhere after having my fourth baby

  26. I heard some guy lost 12kg in just one month by following diet plan from Agoge Diet so I tried that too. Although I didn't lose that much, I could say this thing really works and it's definitely worth trying

  27. I GOT SIX PACK IN ONE MONTH!!! I took diet plan from Agoge Diet. With their diet plan and tips, transformation is guaranteed, trust me. They also provide you with training plan and healthy recipes.

  28. I have always linked word 'diet' with starvation, until I discoverd website "Agoge Diet". With their diet plan, I am never hungry and I am still losing weight. Amazing!!!

  29. You guys are great. Thanks

  30. Hamza n Ryan says:

    Thanks so very much.. I really needed it.. for the first time I got such easy n effective workouts.. Stay blessed..amen. 💕😊

  31. Snow Flake says:

    I freaking know right. Some of them say beginners and then I end up straining muscles and having to rest for too many days and then forgetting to get back/lose motivation.

  32. thank you this right reminder

  33. Liz Crowley says:

    Thank you! I am really surprised at how tired I am after this workout. Really glad I didn't try something that would have worked fine 10 years ago, that likely would have discouraged me!

  34. Lady Ayra says:

    thank you. i really needed to find a beginner's beginner workout guide to start with thank you.

  35. Jane says:

    I love these guys, great personality and partnership lol

  36. Yahisha says:

    Me grabs a chair from the kitchen …my mom were the hell you taking that chair

  37. Imagine having everything you need for successfull body transformation in one place?! Yeah, it's possible, the website called Agoge Diet leaves you full-packed and ready for melting off those extra pounds.

  38. Ok, this is my starting point. Thanks for making it fun and actually I can feel it. I used to be in shape too – but that was a long time ago. I'm in my mid-seventies too – and I want my body back! Even if it's old.

  39. Nikki White says:

    Good exercise for this guy since he keeps reminding me that he wants beginner routine. This should be easy enough.

  40. Boy, are those wall-angels difficult. Thank you very much anyways – I'll be back for more! <3

  41. I love Cassiopeia! Most people learn it right after the Big Dipper.

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