Full Body Workout Plan at Home for Beginners | Resistance Bands Routines | Part 1

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In my last series, I explained how to train all muscle groups with resistance bands, Now, it is time to put those workouts together in a logical way to get the best out of it…!! Check out Part 1 of my resistance bands workout routines. In this video, I have put together a Full Body Workout Plan for beginners that can be performed at home to gain solid muscles.

Intro: 00:00
3 Days Full Body Workout Plan: 00:53
4 Days Full Body Workout Plan: 02:42
Full Body Workouts: 03:27

Full Body Workout Plan PDF Document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18zaunGNimJUOfvR8zsDJLoaTtGiNDPCF/view?usp=sharing

Resistance Band Full Body Workout Video:

Advanced Series Session 1 – Biceps

Advanced Series Session 2 – Triceps

Advanced Series Session 3 – Chest

Advanced Series Session 4 – Legs

Advanced Series Session 5 – Back

Advanced Series Session 6 – Shoulder

Advanced Series Session 7 – Abs

Advanced Series Session 8 – Forearms

I bought these bands from Amazon.com. Here is the link

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39 Responses

  1. Anybody has any suggestions for good quality resistance bands in India

  2. Sarath V says:

    Hi brother, is there a way to calculate how much calories are burnt during this workout?

  3. Good Resistance band in budget cost pls

  4. Ritu Raj says:

    Sir what is set 1 and set 2

  5. Ritu Raj says:

    Sir what is reps I can't understand

  6. vijay kumar says:

    Which resistance band is best for beginners and next level ? Can you suggest some brand name

  7. Pdf link is not available sir

  8. Status World says:

    Thanks a ton bhaiya!!!! Was looking for this type of beginners plan since a long time….

  9. Isko kb tk follow krna hoga yehum kb intermediate wale pe move kr skte hai

  10. Kya workout se height rukti h

  11. My weight 48kg. Can i do this….

  12. Gamez Vault says:

    Bhaiya, ye 15 years old bhi kar sakta hai kya??

  13. Bhai resistance band se biceps growth hoti hai

  14. Red Lemon says:

    Awesome will try it out

  15. Mohd. Razi says:

    Thank u sir . going to gym as we don't hv tim in bizi life dis is the best choice to keep fit at home itself.

  16. I see this channel going very far

  17. Dsmaki says:

    Nah…do diamond pushups, pull-ups, dips, chin ups repeat 3-5x. Then do lunges, squats, good mornings variations and calf raises, 3-5x. Then do some abs. Done. A Lot less time and great effort and gains. 💥

  18. It helps so. much.☺️☺️☺️☺️Respect from Bangladesh

  19. Abhay Gupta says:

    Bhaiyaa apka age kya hai ??

  20. Thank you for great content. Shall I do all these exercises in one day session?

  21. ADIL BHAT says:

    Can we gain muscle with 3 days workout as a beginner.

  22. I don't speak the langue, But watching with watching other YouTubers and the number of visuals in your video's I'm able to get a lot out of your channel. So thank you. I'm currently starting out with a full-body workout before maybe exploring a push-pull legs routine once I'm confident with bands.

  23. Well I wanna know how to get to know that we've completed our beginner level and now we're ready to go for intermediate one . I mean particular muscle weight or type of body so that we somehow can get to know ..

  24. Big luck 0 1 says:

    Bhai aap konsi bands use karte ho sab vedios me muze bhi leni he kya o bands affordable he to bhai muje link bhej do bhai tq ❤️💞

  25. Bro set alternate krna h ya continue

  26. Thanks brother for the video series but as a Beginner I can not use 50 lbs or 60 lbs, Even 5 to 10 lb seems heavy.

  27. Can we drop or increase weights being beginner ?

  28. Hii
    Dusare resistance band vale video me kahaki ye sirf body pump ke liye use Kar sakte hai

    To resistance band se mass gain hoga?

  29. Saikat says:

    Can you also make a video on exhalation and inhalation during the several resistance band workouts?

  30. Jeeva(BOGAN) says:

    How many weeks do this workout

  31. Which resistance band is best for beginners……?

  32. Ninja TM says:

    Can we do 4 muscles group on 1st day and other 4 muscles group on the next day without rest days? Targeting Chest, Triceps, Biceps, and Forearms will automatically be rest for the Back, Shoulder, Legs, and Abs muscles.

  33. Nikita Gupta says:

    Sir can girls also perform these workouts?!

  34. MH 20 Rutvik says:

    Bhai can you please tell me
    If I work out each day different part of body means first day chest second day back 3day legs etc.
    If I work out full body each day all exercise daily.
    Which one is beneficial and get early effect

  35. deepak swami says:

    Your workouts are awesome, it helped me achieving the gym results at home…during covid

  36. Full body workout bataiye sir please

  37. Home dumbbells and bar road per workout bataiye sir

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