Chest and Tricep Workout at Home with Dumbbells | Women Over 40

You are going to love this chest & triceps workout with dumbbells! Using multiple rounds of back-to-back exercises and minimal rest, target your chest and triceps while keeping your heart rate up to torch calories and increase your definition.

And… welcome to Day 8 of the 25 in 25 Challenge!!

Tools: a pair of heavy & mod dumbbells and a chair (couch or bench) if you’re a beginner – so we can elevate you for the push-ups

2 x 45sec
Chest press
Plank protract/retract
8 Push-ups

2 x 45sec
Narrow chest press
Plank ups
6 Push-ups

2 x 45sec
Chest flys
4 push-ups



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46 Responses

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  2. Marilet Z says:

    “hurts so good” (& it will for a while — LOL). Thank you PJ, from one of your YouTube + Patreon subscribers (in Oregon, USA)

  3. Jackie Alv says:

    WOD! Super tight triceps right now but I loved this workout and yes, I’m very proud of myself, specially today because I was able to do those tricep extensions with two 10 Lbs dumbbells 💪🏾 For the rest of the exercises I did 12 Lbs dumbbells. Definitely getting stronger . Thanks a lot PJ!

  4. J Duncan says:

    This was a great burn. Felt the triceps for sure. Hoping they won't be "bat wings" someday…Ha!

  5. Sarah Salvia says:

    I love the length and itensity! Your workouts fit perfectly into my schedule and I love how I feel when I am finished! Thank you!!!

  6. Another awesome short intense workout, PJ!! Loving this 25 in 25!!

  7. loved it, even though I wasn't at my best today…

  8. Georgia Lesh says:

    This workout was a big challenge for me, as the shoulder workouts always are. I hope to attain a floor-level pushup someday, but if not that's OK – I keep getting stronger with your workouts. I've been lax with my check-ins but just wanted to let you know that I'm HERE for the 25 in 25 and loving it. The shorter intense workouts are helping me stay on track even on busy days! And of course, I need to finish the Challenge! Thank you, PJ!

  9. Day 8 was amazing…and I NEED that tank top! Love you, PJ!

  10. day 8 done loved it thank you so much Pj

  11. These workouts are definitely intense! Thanks for the upper body burn PJ!

  12. Going to struggle to lift my cofee in the morning! But hey 💪

  13. Randi K says:

    INTENSE – think my arms hang past my knees now

  14. Ana EM says:

    TY PJ! Loving this 25 days challenge ( with your modifications …) . Could you consider doing an all body challenge with dumbbells for sensitive joints with no planks and easy on the shoulders, neck & knees ? Thx ❤️

  15. C king says:

    NOTE TO SELF: when PJ says 25 days it doesn't include stopping on weekends 🤣🤣🤣 what a work out to catch back up THANKS PJ😊

  16. Great workout….my arms are toast right now!

  17. Carol Miller says:

    Once again, an awesome arm/chest workout. The one "side effect" I wasn't even thinking about when doing your workouts is how much my posture has improved and I didn't even know it needed improving. But, my boobs are no longer down around my tummy. My back is straighter, my shoulders are not hunched and my boobs are right where they should be! Yayyy! Is that too much information? :))

  18. This has been my favorite challenge so far. Where I work night shift I am always tired and it is extremely difficult to stay motivated but these shorter workouts have been surprisingly easier. I haven’t missed one yet! 👊🏻…. BTW ur shirt rocks!

  19. Luanne Lloyd says:

    I didn’t understand the protraction/retraction move. I tried though

  20. One Love says:

    Love day 8, just what my arms need, always appreciate added squats, thanks PJ, you Rock!! 😁 Btw, I ordered one of your workout tank tops, look forward to wearing, also love the message your wearing in this video. 👕

  21. Kim Stephens says:

    Day 8 in the books. Used my lunch time to get it in!

  22. Laura Harris says:

    Nice, comprehensive warm up! It definitely helped prepare my arms for the workout. Thanks again PJ! 😁

  23. If I miss a day can I do two days of exercise on 1 day ?

  24. Done this on my 50" tv and found out I can do push ups better on floor now thank you

  25. Added BOSU ball for everything. Pretty sure I won’t be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

  26. Hi PJ! Great workout!
    I’m subscribed 😊Thankyou!

  27. Balletpro1 says:

    Killer workout!!!!! Thanks, PJ I'll let you know how the shoulders and arms feel tomorrow!!! 🙂

  28. Renea Qua says:

    Great workout for day 8 and thanks for no lower body as my hips are still sore (in a good way) from Saturdays session. I've been doing skaters for years but obviously not correctly because I really felt the hips on Sunday and again today. Guess I know what I need to be working on. : ) Thanks PJ!

  29. C Mitchell says:

    📌 done! Just FYI, I know you’re looking into it but can only hear through left side of headphones! I did day 6 and 8 today! Tough but felt great! 😃

  30. Patty K says:

    Thanks PJ! Day 8 done – whew!!!

  31. Sharon Lloyd says:

    hi pj is this challenge enough to see any body changes

  32. Kim Wessel says:

    great workout, spaghetti arms at moment 🙂

  33. I am loving the intense 25 minute workouts. They are perfect for me! Thank you❤️

  34. C Millett says:

    I have worked out all my life and I am so happy to have found PJ.I look forward to these work outs, they is always variety and explanantions to the why's and what's. Thank you PJ! PS: see you tomorrow

  35. Anonymous says:

    When are these blessed pushups ever going to get easier? Still on my knees – goal is to do at least one regular pushup. Great workout – my arms are jellified!

  36. barth janice says:

    My arms feel exhausted right now, but what a potent workout for a Monday morning!!! Love this one PJ!

  37. L Steward says:

    Loving these shorter workouts because I still have enough energy left for the rest of my day.

  38. Kay Gibb says:

    Great workout for arms, really liked that one.

  39. Day 8 complete! I loved this workout💜

  40. Karen McComb says:

    Day8☑️💕😁 Thank you PJ

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