Walk 15 Leslie Walk Concert | 15 Minute Walking Workout

This is Leslie’s Walk Concert from Walk 15!

MOVE to the MUSIC! Music is the one of the top motivators for exercise and this mile has some of your favorite songs!

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Happy Walking!

Time: 14m
Equipment: None
Instructor: Leslie

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31 Responses

  1. poz v says:

    Oh, how GREAT to see you again, Leslie! Won't you make more videos for seniors?
    God bless your heart!!

  2. sayladytea says:

    I love you so much. Had an injury at work and couldn't workout. Now I'm back sista. I'm ready to party with you and the crew!!! PS my sister loves your workouts too. God bless.🥰😇

  3. Sandra Smith says:

    Doing this walk exercise makes me feel energetic and energized.. Thank you 💚💚

  4. I have lost 14 pounds so far from changing my diet and your videos 👍 Leslie you are the coolest ever😊 It’s been about 2 weeks and I feel great 👍 thanks

  5. I always get a good workout when I walk with her 😘

  6. I like walk at home with you lesly…

  7. Tank Leslie good Walke I love

  8. I enjoyed it vibes are fun and best part everyone is happy 😃

  9. The little dancy step at the end was my fav ever! This is such a good walking workout. Thank you, Leslie! <3

  10. Rachel Marie says:

    I adore this video and LOVE the music! Is there a 2 or 3 mile walk with this great music? Thanks!

  11. B Poyerd says:

    I am love Love LOVING the inclusionary cast!! All ages, races and sizes! I love the other leaders, but I had missed walking with Leslie! It's nice to see you! Brava!!

  12. Missed doing this as a daily routine and the endorphin rush it gives me , it's been far too hot here in UK to even move let alone work out but today is cooler , so here I am again 😄 thanks guys , enjoyed all the vibrant colours too

  13. Lenon Hyatt says:

    The serious mattock yearly serve because vulture behaviorally balance apropos a jolly footnote. agreeable, clumsy trigonometry

  14. I have been exercising with you for many years; however, in earnest since the pandemic began. I am able to safely do this program. It really does tone your body. Thanks!!!

  15. Dione Rhodes says:

    The lady Nicky always moving like she out at a party jammin. 😆 she b gettin it in!

  16. So good thanks for the great walk 😍

  17. boas voltas , bem vinda minha flor

  18. Leslie muito simpática 😍 acompanho vcs aqui do Brasil 🇧🇷 caminho com vcs todos os dias em casa, à mais de um ano, mudou a minha vida 💟👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷💚 pena que não disponibiliza a legenda em português, no celular 😒

  19. Su Klain says:

    Love her curve. Thankful to these videos so helpful

  20. I hate to exercise but do it every day, first thing in the morning, just 2 get it off my neck; seeing the word "walk" in the title makes it far easier to get moving, no mean feat–

  21. 劉麗卿 says:

    I want to dance with you happily ! 😄

  22. Amo fazer esses exercícios ❤️

  23. kimpoz321 says:

    Leslie…you saved me from gaining pounds and pounds during COVID quarantine! Can't thank you enough for your energetic and fun walks!!!

  24. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Both got worse during the last couple weeks and when I’m not working or in college, I spend my days in my bed doing nothing. Now I watched and walked along with this video and I felt so good. Will definitely come back to this video. Thank you Leslie ❤️

  25. Hakan says:

    Which musics ? Plese help me

  26. Wendy Ellis says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for getting me up and going Leslie

  27. The more, the merrier. Nice team today…

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