10 min Standing Abs Workout to get Abs Fast!

Abs abs abs! You guys seemed to love my last abs workout so today I’m bringing you a standing one! No equipment needed which means no excuses, let’s do this ♡

I challenge you to do this routine along with my music workout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvsfMloMYSY 6 days a week to become the healthiest version of yourself by summer! Click here https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5XSlMXaQvU2nvxdGJQJbONAVNKe-XtCT for a full playlist!

My fav workout clothes: http://gym.sh/Shop-Anna-McNulty2
My fav workout supplements: https://bit.ly/2MGyppq (Use code: ANNA for free shipping over $50)

Instagram: annaemcnulty
TikTok: annamcnulty

business inquires: annam@dulcedo.com

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43 Responses

  1. Anna McNulty says:

    Happy first day of spring! Are you up for the challenge? 💕

    Sorry that there wasn’t a premiere today but a super fun video will be premiering on Tuesday! 🤸‍♀️

  2. Jessica Kaur says:

    Hi Anna
    I personally think that you have the best workouts possible

  3. Omg Anna I love ur vids I do them every morning and night and now I’ve got better balance, better flexibility, and a lot more! Lysm!!

  4. But i don't get abs 😔😔😭😭😭😢😢

  5. aKHîL ÇS says:

    She's a worthy foe for me

  6. Den er så utrolig jeg bare elsker den

  7. Muffinette says:

    Hi Anna I love your videos!

  8. Laura Kowal says:

    You are amazing! You help me not have pain and get abs fast lol!

  9. ii_StarFish1 says:

    Omg Idk about yall but-I felt light weighted after this workout-

  10. how long many weeks do we do this for?

  11. I almost broke my ankle while doing this but I’m fine

  12. Anna Can you please say me how much calories I can burn doing this workout???

  13. everytime i do this in the first 3 mins i get pain in the right side of my stomach- but this looks so FUN

  14. I agree with all of your comments!💜

  15. Anna thank you so much for sharing this video

  16. Shaik Nazir says:

    I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. Agoge Diet proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  17. Me being that idiot who forgets to move away from the wall on the first one-

  18. just when i saW THE sub button i pressed it!

  19. Has anybody gotten abs yet?

  20. love r vids I need this bc in school I some times get look at and some times I get bullied I am 10 i am in 5 thx to you and r vids I don't get bullied any more

  21. Wayyy youu aree soooo cuteee? Andd amazing? Tell me i love you you sooo skill🥥💓

  22. Per So says:

    Who else is always ready for Anna McNulty's standing work out 🙋💗💗 meee

  23. Jenny Tarre says:

    Anna I have a question can you answer please
    Can that be at 13 years old?

    Answer please I'm waiting

  24. Can we do all abs exercise together which you have posted in your channel I have one more question that Will it stop my height. Pls tell me

  25. laren says:

    Hi anna I love ur workouts I was wondering I'm looking for some new active wear and I admired yours to you mind telling me the brand (s)

  26. I'm working hard, very hard. Doing calisthenics, and mostly focusing on the deadlifts. Also, doing 20K a day. And machinery in YMCA.

  27. Nkiru Joe says:

    anna i realy love your strechis.

  28. Naba Khadija says:

    thnx for this workout💗

  29. Naba Khadija says:

    OMG anna I literally sweated a sea!

  30. Wang Liqin says:

    I actually got abs after this

  31. Your so organised stretches and eats healthier than I ever will so I gathered some stuf ima be like you a mini version coz I am younger than you and smaller COZ I AM SMALL FOR MY AGE so eat healthy and I should grow

  32. Scm Viper says:

    I'm working out good with you

  33. I was 25 kg’s when I was 10 now I’m 11 and I’m in quarantine and now 39 kg’s

  34. Anna: adding the high Knees with jumping option

    Us: obviously taking the no jumping option lol 😂

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