58 Minute Total Body HIIT | Cardio & Strength Workout | Women Over 40 Workouts

58 Minute Total Body HIIT -You’re Going To LOVE This Workout! This format is great fun, and the combination of strength and cardio is always a favorite on this channel. So, for those who like longer sessions, and a mix of both, this one is for you! Enjoy this intense HIIT workout!
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You will need: A variety of dumbbells
Format: 45/15
Circuit 1:
Dumbbell swing
Gorilla burpee
Sprinter sit up
Split, split squat
Reverse flye raise
Plank jacks
Circuit 2:
Inch worm up down plank
Curtsy lunge hop
Lunge DL combo
Frog squats
Iso hold pendulum swing
Hopscotch jack
Circuit 3:
Row rotation
Cardio hop kick
V sit press
In-n-out squat jump
Side lunge kick out
Broad jump bicep curl
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*Calorie burn is really specific to each body and generally the margin of error is between 15-25%. So, take it with a grain of salt and certainly don’t compensate with overindulging. The number on the thumbnail is what I have burned according to my Apple Watch 4.

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29 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for all you do, Tracy! Today is my 57th birthday and without patting myself on the back, I must say I crushed it! As a long ago former chubby, bullied, no confidence kid, it is people like you who give people like me a priceless outlet for physical, emotional, and spiritual health! ❤️

  2. Jan S says:

    Great workout love it ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  3. Judy Griffin says:

    This workout was 🔥🔥

  4. That was great but tough at times especially the first circuit. Didn’t think I’d last the hour, but as always you motivated me to finish. Thanks Tracy.

  5. Kim Hogarth says:

    Brilliant!! This one was really tough, full on moves. Very much enjoyed this 😁

  6. Mindy Ruben says:

    You are right…I LOVED this workout! AMAZING! Great mix of everything!! Thank you!

  7. Boy Mom says:

    What a great workout to start the week with! I loved the combo of cardio and strength and the longer workout! I liked the plank jack bear hop and the hopscotch jack. I really like the new count down clock 😊.

  8. Namita Gupta says:

    Wowww what a wonderful circuit training……suer duer effective

  9. lizvasquez53 says:

    Thank you Tracy, For this killer workout I was dripping in sweat 😅! I absolutely loved it!! Also thanks for the great advice regarding our health awareness !! 🙌😅💪

  10. OMG, that was an epic workout. Even the strength exercises had a cardio element to them. Those in and out squat jumps though, woohoo!!

  11. Jill Baird says:

    Whoa! You’re right, I did love it! That was tough and fun 🤩 😅 Thank you! 💪🏻

  12. Loved! Your channel is so great. So much diversity in the workouts. Thank you

  13. Laura r says:

    I did love this workout for sure . Felt super sweaty and got a bit of everything. Thank You

  14. Epic Mom says:

    You were right! Loved this workout! Awesome. As always. 😊

  15. Thank you Tracy! Another winning workout 👍💪🦵. Especially loved the Lunge DL Combo, and the Iso Pendulum Swings😅.

  16. Suggestion: you could leave a little window in the corner with the following exercise, it would help a lot for those who don't understand the language, as it is in my case. I love your work I accompany you from Brazil. God bless you!

  17. My fave, challenging sweaty 🥵 goodness, thank you Tracy #youmoveddaily ❤️‍🔥

  18. Tracy I love this format! You are amazing! Thank you! I love you! 🇧🇷 I'm from Brazil!

  19. Well that hit the spot at 5am!,, what a great way to start the week. I LOVE this format, you get a bit of everything.
    Hot and sweaty, a decent amount of calories burnt and an elevated heart rate. Win, win 😃

  20. janet1630 says:

    Loved it! One of my favorite formats (of many). Such a great (sweaty) way to start my week!

  21. Eva Witmer says:

    Killer workout, Tracy! Loved the long format and the HARD exercises! Well done!

  22. Renee Raney says:

    Love the workout, and the format. Nice and sweaty. Thanks Tracy!

  23. Love love these types of back and forth!!!! Thank you 😊 💓

  24. You're right! I LOVE this workout. I love all your workouts, but this format is one of my favourites along with your Metabolic Smashes!

  25. Thank you, my favorite cardio/strength and 60 minutes! Sweaty workout.

  26. What a great workout! I appreciate you putting the weight size next to the exercise. It helps!

  27. mnen mefarey says:

    Love all the workouts on your channel !
    Thank you 👍👍👍👍👍

  28. Can't wait to go this one tomorrow morning at 5:30am👌💪🙏

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