Easy Runs Vs. Workouts & Our Upgraded Personal Gym!

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48 Responses

  1. Skateboard filming skills on point 👌

  2. Ben SB says:

    Every time I hear him say broth it makes me want to unsubscribe

  3. I need to respect the long slow easy runs more as well.

  4. Z says:

    How is red meat healthy, without the whole protein speech.

  5. Matt W says:

    Waygu beef in the crockpot… 🤦‍♂️

    With a ton of seasoning… 🤦‍♂️

    Not eating freshly cooked… 🤦‍♂️

    Storing it in plastic containers… 🤦‍♂️

  6. dale Webb says:

    Just want to say you have motivated me a lot thanks 💪🏼👍🏻

  7. javier ortiz says:

    Does anyone else run with there phone also or just there watch?

  8. 🥛 cool man yesterday was great cold ass mountain yesterday at 4 or 5 am dam it was great got it done. After coming from Alaska that wasn't nothing last year.🤣

  9. Sir I am daily running 5 km ….sir this exercise boosting testosterone ??

  10. I love how you added rice to ur meal prep

  11. THE BPN TEAM ********** Make a Strong Red / Strong Green "Cocktail" energy drink*********** Please and thank you. I'm air force and I need energy drinks to stay up, I can't be drinking Red Bulls anymore they give me palpations. I know there's alternatives but if ya'll sold that??? We'd buy!

  12. Phil Azzara says:

    @ 2:25 minute mark ….. the new eighth wonder of the world ….. and how DO they get in there first!

  13. Can anybody explain please? All the studies says that interval running (workouts like Nick says) is more efficient than long slow running.(in all aspects). So why just not doing about 2-3 workout sessions (sprints, intervals, tempo and etc) much intensity without long slow running? Because we can do workouts more intensity because we don’t need to spend our energy for long slow running and in this days we can better rest and recover. Who can explain my why we can’t do like that ?

  14. Irish Hero says:

    What sunglasses is he rocking? I need them

  15. Ben Bedell says:

    Where do you get those shorts?

  16. Oliver Fox says:

    Anyone know the song at 6.55

  17. Abdi Skuy says:

    what's your playlist?

  18. jilow says:

    I'm good at running slow. All I do lol :D.

  19. U guys have any tips on supplements that help you with endurance sports?

  20. Screw the beef who programs your runs

  21. Jak Dempsey says:

    Why dont you use heart rate on your easy runs mate ? From your breathing it would appear your running at the upper end of zone 3 maybe even into zone 4? Do you find RPE better than HR? would love a video on this !

  22. This guy is always running, I LOVE IT

  23. Stephan J-P says:

    What kind of sun glasses are you using to run with?

  24. girish g says:

    Hey Nick, Planning to run, Fews tips for a beginner like me ..!

  25. Cee Bee says:

    why not market another product which has both reds and greens inside it?

  26. wagyu doesn't need a crockpot to be tender. seer it you pyscho lmfao

  27. Magna manco! Te se massa gros vecio

  28. Bro you gotta chill. If you're trying to hit 6:29 then hit within 3 seconds of that. You're insane and you;re gonna burn out, even if it feels easy go with the plan. Your watch $600 watch has the pace on it, use it!

  29. Zulek Jerzy says:

    Ahhhhh the first rookie mistake about running, asphalt.

  30. What running shoes you rocking?

  31. J says:

    How much for a WAREHOUSE GYM. I need one of these i think

  32. Jasper says:

    Never has narcissism saturated itself within one person so much as it has with this guy… of course you would rather run around in neighborhoods half naked versus running around your business park.. feed that need bro.. best get on that Trump train if you wanna keep that fancy playground you got their at the warehouse… #gethumble #stoplookingatyourself #lookaroundyouandseepeople

  33. I know your beef is really flavorful but wagyu is meant to enjoy simply salt and pepper. Adding flavors from a crockpot to it, takes away the natural tastes of the beef. Japan has other amazing beef from different regions. Wagyu just has better global marketing.

    Ps if you’re ever in Asia let me know I chase a golf course you guys can play and run on our course. I’m planning a marathon.

  34. Viatori says:

    Lol I noped out at wagyu beef in a crockpot.

  35. You guys have the best protein powder on the planet!!! On my second tub, and never going back to another brand!

  36. Jacob 565 says:

    These videos make me feel like a lazy pos

  37. Chris says:

    are u shipping strong red and green to europe? or do u have a seller here I can get it? greetings

  38. steroids will do wonders.

  39. Denzel Green says:

    Can we just appreciate whoever films his vids 💯, amazing shots brohamster

  40. JJ Hill says:

    Don’t disrespect your waygu beef like that

  41. Sam Bradley says:

    Is he letting people follow him on Strava

  42. Myles Murphy says:

    The vein in that guys forehead holy moly

  43. UCzDwella201 says:

    Do you have a video on breathing tips or techniques or like improving on it. What you do? What you hear? Like what’s the conventional consensus.

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