Workout Wednesday: Fartlek Iowa State Women

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We take you to Ames, Iowa for a fartlek with the 2015 #15 Iowa State Cyclones. Led by Big 12 Champion Perez Rotich and runner-up Erin Hooker, the Cyclones show off their beautiful home course with a challenging tempo workout. Despite losing key pieces of their 2014 NCAA runner-up squad, Head Coach Andrea Grove-McDonough thinks this team is prepared to surprise people at the NCAA Championship in three weeks. Workout: 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 4 min, 3 min, 3 min, 2 min 1 min break between intervals (w/ 2 min break between the 4’s)


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12 Responses

  1. Larry Rose says:

    Author Lydiar's Farlek is nothing like ISU'S… FATLEK means speed play.
    When I coached at OU. WE'D RUN 18 TO 36 HOLES on our varsity golf course. High tempo the fiar ways and sprint to the green. Jog the greens and tee boxes. Each runner takes a turn and jumps the field to make it interesting and fun.

  2. great pace 5:20 for ladies i liked the grass and the team mentality and coach good spirit

  3. Pretty women and some weird devil music…….i am hypnotized???!?!!?!?

  4. Cam Sakuma says:

    Sweat elite is DOMINATING you flotrack. 🗑

  5. Biggest running channel and only post old content and charge $20 a month to get nothing.

  6. Cade Michael says:

    No new content, no race coverage = $20 a month

  7. Richard C says:

    — Running the Lydiard Way —

  8. It may be the middle schooler trapped inside an old man but every time I say Fartlek I chuckle like the fool that I am.

  9. Mike Mullins says:

    The editors are really backed up

  10. Matt P. says:

    What I love about flotrack is the current content

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