Simple Seated Core Strengthening Workout for Seniors- At Home

Simple Seated Core Strengthening Workout for Seniors- At Home

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Bob and Brad demonstrate a core strengthening workout for seniors. You will need a chair to complete this workout.

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27 Responses

  1. ดืมากๆค่ะ ท่าง่ายๆดื

  2. I'm a truck driver and can you folks figure out what we Cadogan in a truck 🚚 Thank You

  3. I love you guys, it's clear you genuinely care. I worked in a PT clinic and sincere caring and concern was lacking but you guys epitomize those qualities, thank you for that.

  4. El Toro says:

    Another great lesson guys. Your exercise for the over 70s is greatly appreciated. Do more of those exercises sitting on a chair. 👀😊👀

  5. Sho Nuff says:

    How long will it take to strengthen the core?

  6. Wolfie Fox says:

    Just found this video. Thank you, hope you do mire

  7. Linda Sue says:

    It was a blessèd day when I found this channel! I can't believe how many things you guys cover that are suitable/necessary for me!

    I'm a "junior senior", but with back pain and losing muscle tone it's been hard to follow doc's instructions to get certain exercises working. The core work has been the hardest to incorporate. Thank you so much for this video!

  8. Love your informative videos, as well as entertaining. You do make me laugh. I'll be 86 the day before Thanksgiving and am still very independent. Been watching and working on my posture. As long as I stand up straight, which I am working on, I have no pot belly. It is only when I slough. Also need to work on balance. I try to eat healthy by reducing carbs, no pasta, beans, potatoes, but some bread low in carbohydrates, on occasion sweet potato and pizza. Found pizza with a crust made from squash at Costco, not bad. When the weather is hot I go to a mall to walk (without stopping to look in stores). I am a fast walker.

  9. Thank you. Appreciate you guys!!

  10. Shanti Iyer says:

    Sitting exercise very comfortable and easy to way the exercise thankyou veryuch

  11. Fastt Ed says:

    All these are especially great for people who have eye pressure issues / glaucoma.
    "Youse guys" play off each other perfectly. Only Laurel and Hardy were better.
    and that IS a compliment.

  12. Sheila… I am 81 years, this exercise give me strength. Thank you.

  13. This is just what I need! I followed along and it’s all doable. I’m 72 and feeling pretty creaky.

  14. Sally B says:

    Just seeing this Fall 2021. THANK YOU! What a good array of senior-type exercises! Your video is very much appreciated!

  15. Kerry Hall says:

    Absolutely wonderful fabulous marvellous. Thanks so much. Kerry from Perth Western Australia

  16. John M Blake says:

    Did this workout at gym today.

  17. I was watching your video when I had knee replacement surgery 4years ago. This year I got Certified as Personal trainer and started training older clients. This is really educational and useful. Thank you.

  18. You guys are great! I just joined the 60 club myself. I have pretty bad tendinitis/carpel tunnel in my wrists and arthritis in ankles and feet. All chair stuff is great – I'm putting together a chair playlist. I'm also going to search your channel. Can you do (or have you done) a video about how to best deal with – naturally, no drugs or surgery – with arthritis in ankles and feet?

  19. Are the chair sit ups safe to with a disintegrated hip.

  20. Bob and Brad are such a big help -I'm dong these post-laminectomy to help knit the muscles back together.

  21. Why is this on my feed? I refuse to use the word, “senior”! Junior is okay. 🤣

  22. Yes lord bless your servants they are doing your work so well!

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