40 MIN LEAN LEGS AND TONED ABS Workout – No Equipment, No Repeat, Low Impact Home Workout

A 40 MINUTE LEAN LEGS & TONED ABS Workout – No Jumping, No Equipment, No Repeat! This low impact workout will strengthen and tone your legs, glutes & core muscles ♥︎ I hope you enjoy working out with me and the TEAM and most importantly HAVE FUN! Let’s do it!

▸ Muscles Worked: Lower Body + Abs
▸ Time: 40 Min + Cool Down
▸ Equipment: Bodyweight only, No Equipment

▸ 00:00 – 04:15 Warm Up 30 sec on, no rest
Squat Pulse + Arm Circle
Squat + Front Kick
Knee Hugs
Leg Swings
Leg Swings
Squat Hamstring Stretch
Lunge + Stretch
Plank to Downward Dog

▸ 04:15 – 27:40 Legs Workout 40 sec on, 10 sec off
Plié Squat
Plié Squat Pulses
Plié Squat + Calf Raises
Plié Squat + Calf Raise Hold
Lateral Squats Right Leg
Lateral Squats Left Leg
Low Lateral Squats
Curtsy Lunge + Knee Raise Left Leg
Curtsy Pulses Left Leg
Curtsy Lunge + Knee Raise Right Leg
Curtsy Pulses Right Leg
Split Squats Left Leg
Split Squat Pulses Left Leg
Split Squats Right Leg
Split Squat Pulses Right Leg
Wall Sit Hold
1 Leg Wall Sit Hold Left
1 Leg Wall Sit Hold Right
Inner Leg Lifts
Leg Lift Hold + Tap
Outer Leg Lifts
Outer Leg Lift + Front Raise
Outer Leg Circles
Inner Leg Lifts
Leg Lift Hold + Tap
Outer Leg Lifts
Outer Leg Lift + Front Raise
Outer Leg Circles

▸ 27:40 – 39:55 Abs Workout 40 sec on, no rest
Toe Taps
Toe Tap + Hip Lift
Hip Lifts
Bicycle Crunches
Heel Taps
Knee Hug Tucks
Side Plank Dips Left Side
Side Plank Dips Right Side
Low Plank Hold
One Leg Climber Right Leg
Climber Hold Right Leg
One Leg Climber Left Leg
Climber Hold Left Leg
Heel Tap Crunches
Flutter Kicks
Heel Tap Hold

▸ 39:55 – 43:43 Cool Down 30 sec on, 10 sec off
Happy Baby
Knee Hug Right Leg
Knee Hug Left Leg
Butterfly Stretch
Forward Fold

Please remember that we are all different and that you can make this your own workout ♡ Take a longer break when you need to.

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If you are a newbie start with a simple and easy exercise before attempting all advanced exercises. Performing exercises out of your capability might strain your muscles and you may get injured.

This channel offers health, fitness and nutritional information. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Growingannanas will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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  1. love your workout and your outfit..you look beautiful in that outfit…

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    Especially doing HIIT and Tabata workouts, sometimes my legs feel sore to train with weights, so bodyweighy is so good to mix it up and get in some movement! 🤓😥

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    I really love yours training videos, you’re the best . Day by day you make that a lot of people feel more happy and strong with their-self🥰🥰😎.

  20. I have a questions … for the legs what are we trying to target, also can I do this before I go to school will I be sweaty?

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