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ONER ACTIVE ____________________________

WOMENS BEST___________________________

Different Energy Drink by Krissy Cela

Fit Pro Whey Protein by Krissy Cela


Vegan Protein by Krissy Cela

BCAA Amino by Krissy Cela

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32 Responses

  1. Hawa Bah says:

    Wow thank you!!
    This is now my routine for my push day 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.

  2. lena says:

    Need those leggings 🥸👀

  3. Me every shoulder session, looking for the dumbbells and only the super heavy ones are left 👀

  4. Few doubts:
    1) In DB chest press, you held the dbs in outward V-position. What is the difference between inward V, outward V and straight grip?
    2) Aren't arms supposed to be completely straight while doing machine chest flys?

  5. jhopepopper says:

    i rly want to incorporate shoulders back & arms into my workouts but im scared bc idk how the machines work & im scared the men in the gym will judge me 😔

  6. Evita Cakes says:

    Upper body mobility routine please!!! I know way more lower body and I always feel like i can warm up my upper body more but I just dont know how


  8. I’m still sore from Tuesday’s chest day from the T&S app 🥴🥴

  9. Yes please a mobility video!

  10. E lla says:

    How long should you train before you start exercising on the bench with the barbell?

  11. E lla says:

    Right now I only do this basic seated chest press. Maybe someone else here in the comments can tell from experience what chest exercises work best at the beginning? Im afraid that som exercises might be too hard and I will injure myself or people will make fun of me but also I want to focus more on chest… its a big dilemma

  12. Would LOVE to see a video on upper body mobility, I feel like there's lots of content for the lower body but not enough for the upper body!

  13. Ana Blazinic says:

    Anyone else peeking these new Oner leggings?👀 They look absolutely amazing😍

  14. J. Grs says:

    Krissy‘s Workout:

    Warm up

    • Barbell Benchpress
    • Incline Dumbell Benchpress

    • Machine chest fly
    • Dumbell lateral raises

    • Dumbell Shoulder Press
    • Dumbell Front raises

    • Cable Face Pull (apart)
    • Plate front raises
    • Cable Tricep Push Downs

  15. mobility routine PLEAASEEE <3

  16. Zane Šakale says:

    I need this outfit! Please, restock this blue hoodie when dropping the new leggings

  17. Katerina says:

    Hey Krissy, you probably won’t see this but I’ve got some feedback for the Tone and Sculpt app. I’d really like to see a pause button for the programme, I can’t train currently due to illness and haven’t been able to do so for the past few weeks. I’m missing workouts but more annoyingly I can’t pause the programme so I can go back to the week I was on. Not just that but my subscription is still running whilst I’m unable to workout which isn’t very fair. I feel like there really needs to be a pause and resume button, sometimes things crop up where we can’t meet the 4 workouts per week for a while 😣

  18. Aaron Wilson says:

    "Pro Tip":
    When barbell bench pressing… ALWAYS, keep your chest (pecs) in front of your front delts. I do this (like Krissy does in this video) by creating a mental shoulder girdle… pinning my shoulder blades down and back…but in addition to Krissy's barbell tip…I keep my mind focused on constantly "poking" my chest out, throughout the movement..also, being mindful not to let my front delts "creep" forward at all (as if being pinned to the bench) preventing my delts from reaching farther forward, than my chest is proud, especially when fully extended with the barbell press. Your delts start to behave this way as you chest (pecs) begin to fatigue and your body tries to compensate allowing the delts to carrying most of the weight…which, isn't what most people want from this exercise.

  19. its evelina says:

    Amazing explanation! Can you please write the workout?

  20. I hate upper body will be doing this now at gym today

  21. Love love ur videos 😍😍🥰🔥🔥all d way from Ghana 🇬🇭

  22. Very nice candid entrance I see you have been practicing 😉👏🏼

  23. you are so beautiful ❤

  24. This was so so helpful, it’s the little adjustments that make a big difference so thanks for that.❤️ Also, we are waiting for the workout with Sasha👀

  25. I was literally just searching your channel for a chest video last night 😍😊😱

  26. Lhek Lhek says:

    I remember 2 days ago i was scrolling through your youtube videos looking for your latest push workout and get upset coz’ you haven’t posted any🥲 can’t wait to do this on my next push day! Thank youuu ILYSM 💖

  27. So So says:

    I like almost everything except the front raises because bench press and dumbbell press already work the front delts.

  28. Yesssss we love an upper body day!🤌

  29. Can u give the link of these leggins? Or what brand is it?😀

  30. Cindy Rossi says:

    Loved this. I learned so much with your detailed explanation ❤️❤️❤️

  31. katiefitbrit says:

    Great workout hun 💪 💕 @katiefitbrit

  32. Hey Krissy😊 I am so glad to see this workout, actually I am doing the Strong program, could you please help me how I can/should incorporate this workout into the program, do you have amy suggestion? Thanks so much! Love from Budapest😊

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