YoYo Fitness Test and Weight Training with the U.S. Women's National Team

The ussoccer.com cameras followed the U.S. WNT during fitness testing and into the weight room at Kean University in New Jersey.

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22 Responses

  1. emi says:

    @ElaineErika im pretty sure thats abby..

  2. Kriegs is just ridiculous. Gaaah! She's perfection in the finest form. Cannot wait until she's back with the team.

  3. Elaine Wang says:

    Also is that hope? At 2:25 to 2:33

  4. Elaine Wang says:

    Omg how much does that weight weigh? The on Abby has during the end

  5. mitts is incredible holy god

  6. Ew the beep test i hate that

  7. Devina says:

    It hurts to know they were in Kean just over a year ago and I didn't know. Literally a town away. Just hoping they'll be here again soon.

  8. what kind of nikes are those at 1:55

  9. what are they doing at 1:48?

  10. Kriegs is the fittest person on the team.

  11. This fitness test sucks, I have to do it too, but it is so beneficial

  12. Julia S. says:

    @stefanswe It's a medicine ball, meaning it's quite heavy–strengthens the arms.

  13. @stefanswe power…its upper body plyometrics

  14. 2:07 Tobin Heath throw's it down.

  15. SYTYCDluv321 says:

    Krieger's fitness is just crazy. absolutely incredible.

  16. H Weeny says:

    The yo yo test is an endurance/recovery test not a sprint.

  17. d4togoal says:

    Anyone know what version of the teat they are doing? It doesn't match my older Bangsbo CDs…

  18. I've done that too. And going to start it next week:)

  19. Whatever that was at the 1:50 mark look tough!

  20. josuedinho98 says:

    Done this before and it sucks.

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