Bat Wing Workout for women- Quick and intense No equpiment workout to tone your arms

You are going to love this Arm workout! This workout routine is only going to take you 15 minutes to perform and is a great way to tone your arms at home. The routine starts off with a quick warm up to prime and prepare your muscles and mind to work, followed your working circuit which consists of the best bodyweight tricep exercises. There is no equipment required for this bat wing workout, so No excuses let’s get to it!

Workout Suggestions💦
10 Minute Plank Challenge

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4 Responses

  1. Vanessa MJ says:

    Sheeshhhh your arms are GOALS!!!

  2. Athena G says:

    I'm at work right now and haven't watched this all the way through…if we wanted to add weights its just dumbells in our hands, right?

  3. Desiree 2123 says:

    I Had a cup of coffee then got this one done!! I needed to make time for this and not just let my opportunity slip away! I’m gonna be sore unwrapping gifts tomorrow but my arms will look incredible. Lol!!
    I hope you have a Happy Holidays with your family Tiff! 🎄⛄️
    Thank you for all you do! 💕

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