How will YouTuber Susana Yabar fare in Natasha Hastings' Athletics workout? | Hitting the Wall

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41 Responses

  1. Olympics says:

    Watch season 2 now on the Olympic Channel!

  2. Natasha Hastings is gorgeous

  3. Well, at least she can't give you a full lap if you race with her, as long as it's the 400 meters oval.

  4. Take away: Thin does mean fit!

  5. Gabriela C says:

    🥰🥰😄😃😀 🔥 📛 👨‍🚒 🔥

  6. Their looks are awesome and seeks originally

  7. Essa Perez says:

    5:42 "Whatever you put into the ground, the ground will give you back." ~Natasha Hastings, ferociously demure.

  8. AF Athletics says:

    she has a really good form

  9. 5:09,Why the f would someone put that music.Reminds me of a website

  10. laconan says:

    the differences in their bodies are amazing!!!

  11. Mike Vanriel says:

    I don’t want to mess with Natasha Hastings. She has to be at least 5’10.

  12. Ryan McGraw says:

    Spain seems nice. 🤯

  13. Adam Gaskill says:

    5:08….. achievement hunter??

  14. After watching the warmups now I know how I blew my Achilles doing wind sprints, I didn’t warmup long enough.

  15. 2:57 Cameraman realizes there's a problem with the "footage where the camera follows her closely from behind" idea.

  16. J L says:

    Natasha is amazing! honestly didn't know who she's ( forgive me), but now i'm a huge fan!

  17. Akaji Blubb says:

    terrible editing. everytime i was curious what the olympian had to say…CUT.

  18. JF Pinero says:

    Who is this "Youtuber" again?

  19. Sumit Kumar says:

    When does she do the weights

  20. So they send a model who doesn't know how to run to train with one of the best runner in the world – and she doesn't even get corrected / taught the basics other than striking the forefoot into the ground?!! Natasha was fantastic and expected no less, the fitness model performance was extremely sad, not in her result but in her preparation before doing this shoot, she didn't look the part at all on the track

  21. sicboi says:

    I have been in love with Natasha for a few years now. As an athlete and someone who wants to get the most out of their body.

    And yeah, she's a beautiful and gorgeous woman too.

  22. Paulo P says:

    The YouTuber wasn't unfit but she wasn't accustomed to running; maybe if they had chosen a different YouTuber they may have coped slightly better.

  23. The beauty of black melanin excellence

  24. 33Lady RAM says:

    Grest, great video 💯👊💖

  25. Natsha Hastings is prettier than Mya Mays.

  26. LimLux says:

    The will of wanting to succeed tolerates a lot of hard boring work and pain just so you can come out as the victorious.
    Remind yourself why you want it.

  27. Man i wish i was young again

  28. I love the attention to detail with this as an ex track n field guy… Thing of beauty TBH and her running form is awesome.

  29. Yung Thunder says:

    5:35 that's not a sprint, by any definition. If she's really a fitness youtuber how is she so out if shape?

  30. puzz88 says:

    This is really good workout motivation

  31. James Dale says:

    Susana This is a really bad idea for you standing next to Natasha

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