Best 15 min Full Body & Abs Workout | No Equipment & No Jumping

Your new 2022 workout challenge! This 15 minute full body & abs workout is great for improving your overall fitness with no equipment and no jumping at home! Thumbs up for more workouts ♡

Do this warm up first:

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0:00 workout challenge
0:27 full body and arms set
5:27 legs set
10:27 abs set

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42 Responses

  1. Anna McNulty says:

    How many times can you spot my cat in this workout? 😄

    Make sure to do this warm up first: ❤️

  2. Evenn Yonash says:

    I’m subscribed and I’m glad I am because these work outs are incredibly helpful and working out more is one of my New Years resolutions.

  3. Happy new year Anna, I dont know how to thank u ☺️ i lost my grandpa to covid in may and i cant tell u how much u helped me with my flexibility and getting over the death of my grandpa, i lysm and tysm for making my 2021 a better than it was originally.

  4. Hos Geoka says:

    I wish you could do a year in my life in 2021

  5. Crystal Li says:

    My favourite exercises were probably the leg circle thingys, even though they hurt hahahaa

  6. anna you make it look so esey

  7. OMG I know once I will do for days I won't be able to laugh lol.. But THIS YEAR IM DETERMINED….THANK YOU ANNA…SENDING VIBRANT ENERGY 💫🌺

  8. Crystal Li says:

    In 2022, I’m gonna be continuing to Anna’s stretches and workouts. They make me feel so happy afterwards 😄

  9. You are so talented Anna ❤️love you so much ❤️

  10. Anna, some of my New Year’s goals are to be my best selfie and get more flexible and fit. I’m so glad that I found your channel to help me along my fitness journey!

  11. aurilia says:

    Thank u so much Anna for this workout it was so intense but i enjoyed it and i challenge myself to do this every single day for January and see how i get on thank u for take Inc. Your time for making this video i really appreciate it!💕

  12. Aubrey Brown says:

    I love how Anna gave us encouragement throughout the video and how she had sections and cool downs. My favorite exercise was the side plank. Thank you Anna. We love you!!!!!

  13. Happy New Year beautiful Queen 👑

  14. Maša says:

    i really like this style of editing in your recent videos. you are improving so much. thank you for making me fit and flexible in 2021 and i'm so excited to see your new projects in 2022. love you anna you are the best! 🥰💕

  15. Patty Eaton says:

    Can you make an arm workout tutorial?

  16. Sarah Rocky says:

    Anna I think. you are a amazing fitness instrutor

  17. Aliana Atty says:

    Happy new year for everyone and Annies family

  18. Hashir Ahmad says:

    Anna sister you are really beautiful

  19. Can you make a video with your cat ?

  20. Thank you Anna for helping me get my needle right splits and my falling down backbend

  21. Mini Pari says:

    I Love your viedeos pls be frends u soooooo 😎 cool

  22. Happy New Year everyone!! 🥳 Thank you so much for making these flexibility videos to help us with our flexibility skills. 😊You have helped me get my right split, my handstand, and almost my scorpion! I love you so much!❤❤

  23. Lucia Holte says:

    I’m a big fan .can i get a hi i would be very happy 🥰😇

  24. Hi anna thanks so much for helping me be flexible now i can do the split and my needle i sub and liked 🙂

  25. Bzunninx says:

    Omg guys happy new day!
    Thank u Anna u have made me really flexible 🙂
    I hope Anna sees this <3

  26. Now i'm done with first day, and WOW! it was REALLY hard! but i promised myself that i will do this workout in 21 days and see if it is easier! and the smart thing by starting January 1st is that i know how many days i've done this just by checking the date 🙂

    i love that your cat came and looked at you and the camera! (i spotted your cat 6 times)

  27. This was 2 hours ago but there is already 502 comments

  28. Lovelyari says:

    My favorite workout was the plank because it made me feel really good!

  29. Happy New Year everyone and thanks Anna.😁😁😁

  30. Fatima Gamer says:

    Happy new year Anna 🥺💜💜

  31. Pavana M says:

    I like how your cat was coming and checking on you. I think it came 4 times.

  32. Scott Elgart says:

    Anna!! I'm a huge fan!! and my favorite part was probably the table top half circles. Btw my name isn't Scott it's my uncle's account

  33. I watched you along time ago and now your 19 you changed so much!

  34. Sammi Chen says:

    Happy New Year Anna!!!! I can’t believe that this year flew so fast!!! Your videos make me literally workout better!!! I love your videos that make me better, this is a very great exercise!! Even my teacher didn’t teach me all those!! Except for this place 3:06 that part he taught me, I am learning Chinese Dance and I am nailing it because of you!!! T

  35. Happy New Year Anna.
    Tanks to you i am more powerful when i am skating💖


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