I tested six different pre-workouts to find the BEST PRE-WORKOUT… so you don't have to

So if you are like me you LOVE pre workout!! I love having a little boost to my workouts especially in the form of a yummy drink! There are soooooo many pre-workouts on the market && so many people on Instagram telling you which one to buy… so I took it upon myself to get to the bottom of it and try out six different pre workouts that were recommended to me or I see all over Instagram! stay tuned to see who is the winner or if there even is one….

Links to all the pre workouts + mine/other people’s codes:

MRM: https://mrmnutrition.com/products/driven
Use code “LIZZIE20” for 20% off

Bowmar Nutrition: https://bowmarnutrition.com/products/all-new-pre-workout
Use code “YAGER”

Alan Nu: https://www.alaninu.com/products/pre-workout
use code “CHLOE” to get free shipping

Bucked up: https://www.buckedup.com/product/pre-workout-supplement

Propello Life: https://www.propellolife.com/products/pre-workout
use code “LYDIA10” for 10% off

1st Phorm: https://1stphorm.com/products/project-1/?a_aid=lindseylivingwell

★ Instagram: @LREfitness
★ Supplements: https://www.propellolife.com/ use code “LYDIA10” for 10% off the pre workout and protein I use.
★Organic: https://glnk.io/y7z/lydia code “LYDIA” for 15% off the greens juice I drink.
★ ClassPass: https://classpass.com/refer/HHBTC4E20

p.s. take a shot every time I say a pre workout flavor is “enticing”

0:00 – Intro
2:56 – Alani Nu
6:18 – MRM Nutrition
8:55 – 1st Phorm
15:44 – Bowmar Nutrition
19:27 – Propello Life
23:09 – Bucked Up
27:50 – annnd the best pre workout is….

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6 Responses

  1. Lisa V says:

    I either want to try Alani Nu or Prolific. Prolific has focus ingredients. Alani Nu has energy drinks and after I tried breezeberry I wanted to try the preworkout. I can't decide!

  2. Coffee is always my preworkout but imma have to try that Alani nu!!

  3. Adriana Diaz says:

    Did you try any other flavor of “bucked up”? I’m trying to see what flavor to get.

  4. Ro zenn says:

    Hi. I liked your vid. I have been trying to search for a video similar to yours that informs the stuff in this YouTube vid! 👏 🥼Your breakdown really is similar to the content from Dr Ethan. Doctor Ethan's explanations are really insightful and he helped me a lot on my exams!

    I recommend you watch his YouTube out and give the doc a like! ➡️ #DrEthanOnline

  5. I usually just go coffee for my pre-workout but may give a few of your recommendations ago! Nice work 😊

  6. Dee Luther says:

    🌷Nice Video as always🌷
    😗Your Pretty Self😗
    Hope u Having a Great Weekend
    😇Stay bless n Be safE Too😇

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