CARDIO Weight Loss Workout for Women Over 50 | 5PD #3

We’re going FIVE POUNDS DOWN every four weeks in 2022, and today we’re melting fat in a LOW IMPACT CARDIO workout that’s as fun as it is effective! HEALTHY WEIGHT, here we come!

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My friends, today’s routine is proof positive that a WEIGHT LOSS journey✈️ can be totally enjoyable! We’re moving quickly with a fun assortment of CARDIO exercises (hula, anyone?😜), mixed with balance practice – self-love💌 has never felt so fun!

Click that play button and let’s GO!

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The interval timer is set for 20 seconds; complete the list of exercises “inchworm” style with 20 seconds of rest between; go through the circuit twice.


Low Swinging Tappers
Pretzel Jacks
Push Push
Star Bursts
Punch Down Tap Outs
Front Clap Kickers
Diving Airplanes
Kick Jacks

Super Slow Toy Soldiers



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❤ Pahla B – your BEST (middle-aged) fitness friend! ❤

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20 Responses

  1. Thanks Pahla, another great one! Balance practice is so so good. 🙂

  2. LouBLou says:

    I'm totally enjoying this week/month/year so far! Even though I know it's going to take me substantially longer to lose the 6lb I gained than the 2 weeks it took to gain it 🤣
    I should have been back at work today but am now in isolation for the rest of this week as my daughter tested positive for covid when she went home after spending the holiday here. Fingers crossed so far I'm negative and feeling fine, so is my grandaughter (who has banished her mum to a different bathroom 🤣) and my daughter is just running a temp but feeling pretty much OK. Hopefully, that will be as bad as it gets 🙏

  3. I'm not one of your Cardio fans, I'll pick Strength any day, but this one was really fun for me! I found the Balance Rest intervals more doable if I pointed my toe forward-side-back. That also helped me keep track of which standing leg I was on. These are the modification tools you have given us!

  4. Carla Daley says:

    I absolutely love inchworm workouts and adding the balance practice between them was terrific. I was doing around the worlds during the first rotation and I, Y, W’s during the last half of the workout. I am CAPABLE of getting anything I put my mind to. Thanks Pahla B, you rock!

  5. I LOVED this workout! And Agatha stretching along with us at the end was the cherry on top 🥰🐾

  6. Really liked the balancing too .. ❤️

  7. How many calories would you say this workout Burns?

  8. pat kay says:

    Another good one! By reading the other comments it seems the balance work during the “rest” is a hit…and I agree.

  9. I have NEVER done a cardio workout with you before because I usually walk my dog, Ziva, 4 miles each day, but with the 3rd straight day of snow/ice here in VA with no walking, I thought I would give it a try. I absolutely loved it and I was surprised that my heart rate did come up even though I do 4 miles in 60 minutes each day. Thank you for a great workout that not only raised my heart rate but my spirit as well. God bless you for providing these workouts!

  10. P M says:

    Trying to keep with u .. so glad to find ur video😊 Thank you

  11. What a great way to start my day – thank you Pahla 🙂

  12. Debra Walton says:

    I love to workout with you. I hope you know that my heart is up and I am so glad I can workout with you because i love all your videos.😊

  13. I really loved the balancing in between. Felt great! Thanks!
    AND your criminology degree IS serving you! You are a health and fitness detective! Why am I picturing a Ms. Frizzle (Magic School Bus) version of a detective?
    Also, your hair always looks great, but it really popped off the screen today. Also, the talk of balancing our lives resonated with me so much. I couldn't even look at your methods besides your exercise video, because it was too much at once (for ME). Now I feel good about slowly incorporating one thing at a time until it's a habit without feeling like I need to do all or nothing. Thanks for that!

  14. Got more winded with that one, Pahla! 🥵😅 Great moves for the workout – liked the repeats!

  15. Thank you for the wonderful energotonic, good mood. The endorphins are boiling!

  16. Kyle Kramer says:

    Thanks to you, I avoided an embarrassing entrance to a Christmas party. As I walked in carrying a bottle of wine in one hand and a bag of cookies in the other (don’t judge), I did not see the dog on the floor. I tripped over the dog but was able to keep my balance! Keep up the balance practice in your workouts. 😀

  17. 5 lbs down! This is an awesome way to start off the year! It's doable ladies, we can do it! I'm really looking forward to where I will be around Christmas 2022 but I won't think too far ahead, I'm going to concentrate one little baby step at a time but this is doable and I feel great about it! Thanks a bunch Pahla for all your encouragement and support not to mention your sunny disposition, it's deeply appreciated when someone is going through difficult times. 😊

  18. Totally enjoying these workouts!

  19. A criminology degree, that’s awesome! Great workout, love the balancing intervals!

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