What I Eat Before & After My Workout To Shred #5 (Low Carb Meals)

Some good options for pre and post workout meals!
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44 Responses

  1. P G.N says:

    why they be hatin on you is beyond me.

  2. This nigga got me so motivated no cap! Bruh you got a great energy ! Keep that

  3. Those c notes are blue now brotha! Haha

  4. eh says:

    Jesus Christ is coming soon he loves you all please repent and accept him and be careful with that vaccine pray on that

  5. Jonny Fresco says:

    Bro please wash it first

  6. buddyfaya 86 says:

    you got some great stories…. but i cant fuck wit your cooking. lol. great video

  7. zVerkzy says:

    Your deadass one of my top favorite fitness youtubers your real asf

  8. This is Chad Danforth on steroids

  9. Great video breaking down your meals.

  10. CORY JOHNSON says:

    Bro look like Titsi from Madagascar 2

  11. LJ Boogie says:

    Yo your videos 📹 are funny 😄.

  12. Ayyyy i work at in n out lol 😂

  13. Louie Dls says:

    Finally! The boys just being boys. Tired of all these wanna be perfectionist! Great content, bro! #StayGrindin

  14. Greetings from the third eye of truth squad.

  15. Hearing where you came from was such an inspiration! I had no idea you worked a regular job like In n Out. I follow you on IG and I assumed you've been bodybuilding since you were a teenager! Thanks man! 💯

  16. Subscribed only because this dude sounds like the homie. What a chill bro

  17. Jay Jay says:

    Quite humbling to find out where you started man. So many guys can relate

  18. Jay Jay says:

    This boy eating for fuel not taste.
    Blueberries and almond butter cmon man I cant eat that.

  19. WHO says:

    I'm trying to bulk up anybody know his stack?.E.g., sarms or other? What's the cycle I should use?

  20. I'm sitting on 273 trying to get down to 225. Your channel keeps me motivated I had to subscribe

  21. Bro you mean the seafood area to get fish cause deli have lunch meat and sides.

  22. @9min when a cooking video turns philosophical. Lolz 🔥🔥💯💯

  23. Keegan Tony says:

    Yoh Uzoma how long can one be on your shredding/cutting diet that you posted 2 years ago on your channel ?

  24. Brobi V2 says:

    i cant afford salmon pls do somehting cheap i have very little money

  25. Braad Wf says:

    What is your actually % of body fat? I'm your fan 💪🏻

  26. Kapero SYT says:

    Learning how to cook from this beast 👌📝

  27. Meist says:

    bro u have the best cooking channel on youtube no cap big O

  28. avocado would’ve been better than almond butter highkey lmao

  29. bro eats almond butter with salmon ???????

  30. Aye Bee says:

    Before I ask my question! I’m not hating it’s a legit question. Is your channel more of a cooking fitness channel? I’m asking cause that’s 90% of what I see or am I missing the workout vids?

  31. Toxic Gaming says:

    Gunna learn alot off you, some right shredding meals, might give this meal prep ago

  32. Great video brother…. simple n healthy….your expressions say how flame the food was….

  33. MOUAD FAIZ says:

    Chef obilor🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅❤️

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